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Non-Woven PPE Kit,
Colour- White,
GSM- 95(75+20) ,
Non-Woven PPE laminated Fabric,
Leakproof tape- Seam sealing tape All over Where is stitching.
Size -large,
Government SITRA approved Fabric,
ISO certification,
GMP certification,
CE certification


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1. Full body-protecting Coverall bodysuit/gown with cap/Hood attached Made up in two colours i.e Medical blue/ white colour.
2. Shoe cover – Non woven Fabric same Fabric is used in gown / Coverall bodysuit.
3. Gloves – 1 pair.
4. Safety googles/Face Shield.
5. 2 Face masks (3 ply disposable face mask)
6. Bio-degradable Plastic Waste bag For disposable Of kit after use.
7. One surgical cap

Steps to wear PPE

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– Gather all the necessary items of PPE beforehand.
– Perform hand hygiene using hand sanitize.
– Put on rubber boots or fluid-resistant hoes and put on overshoes.
– Put on the face mask.
– Put on goggles or face shield.
– Put on gloves which should cover the cuff (wrist) of the gown.


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